If you would like to see more pictures of any of these animals or come out and look at them in person, please email or message us! Some prices may be negotiable. 

Aria 121621_edited.jpg


TB Aria

Such a flashy little heifer and very sweet as well. Would love a young show person to add this girl to their show string. Still needs some halter work, but has some show experience. Sire is TC3 Bullett Hole, dam is OL Cupid's Shuffle. Make us a reasonable offer!

Cupid March 2022_edited.jpg
OL Cupid's Shuffle

An easy going young cow that produced a flashy heifer this year. She currently has a TC3 Bullett Hole bull calf at side late (5/4/22). Her sire is OL Outplay and her dam is OL Cupids Chokehhold. $2500

TB Lola the Showgirl

Lola is a tall, big boned cow. She has a gorgeous heifer calf at side, sired by TC3 Bullett Hole. She is a Dallas Seavey daughter out of Chaparral Platinum (a TL Bulletproof daughter). She will be available June/July 2022. $2500 does not include calf.

Presley March 2022_edited.jpg
TB Prestige Worldwide

Wish we could keep this one, but we have another in her class. She has a ton of personality and likes to eat! She could use more halter work, but is coming along nicely. $2000

Dam: Chaparral Platinum

Sire: TC3 Bullett Hole 

McKinley _edited.jpg
TB McKinley

One of Tammy's favorites! We already plan to keep two of Rafter J2 Texas Tornado's daughters, so someone has to go. She is super sweet! You can walk right up and put a halter on her. Doing a great job with her first calf, a bull born 10/4/2021. She is currently out to breed with Velocity's Edge Tenbar $2700 

Ginger 012122_edited.jpg
TB Ginger Snap

Ginger has a great set of horns growing, along with a stunning dark red coat. She is out of Chaparral Mercedes. Her sire is Dallas Seavey. She just had her second calf, a flashy heifer born 11/23/2021. Available early May 2020. 

$2500 with calf. 

Sugar March 2022.jpg


Rey 101321_edited.jpg
HD Sweet Baby Rey

Rey currently has a heifer calf at side, sired by TC3 Bullett Hole. She was shown when she was young, but is a bit aloof now. She's an easy pasture keeper, just not fond of the halter anymore. Her sire is Sanddollar Samonsite. Her dam is Miss Duckie (a Jet Jockey daughter). Rey is the dam to TB Raisin Bran, who did quite well on the show circuit last year. $3000 after weaning of calf (Early May 2022). Price does not include calf.

Dragline March 2022_edited.jpg
WO Dragline

Dragline was a show steer for many years. He has grown into quite the Trophy Steer and would look awesome in anyone's front pasture. He is a hard one to let go, but we don't get to enjoy him as much where he is now, and would love for him to find a family that would spoil him as much as he deserves. $5000

Jet March 2022_edited.jpg
Traveler March 2022_edited.png



TB Johnny Jetfire

Jet was a show steer when he was younger. Has a really good temperament and a beautiful coat. $1500

Rafter J2 Traveler

Another easy keeping steer, Traveler was our youngest daughter's show steer for many years. $1500