If you would like to see more pictures of any of these animals or come out and look at them in person, please email or message us! Some prices may be negotiable. 

TB Lola the Showgirl

Lola is a tall, big boned cow. She has a gorgeous heifer calf at side, sired by TC3 Bullett Hole. She is a Dallas Seavey daughter out of Chaparral Platinum (a TL Bulletproof daughter). She is bred to TC3 Bullett Hole. $2000

Cupid March 2022_edited.jpg
OL Cupid's Shuffle

An easy going young cow that produced a flashy heifer last year and a bull calf this year. Both have wonderful tempraments like her. She is bred to Velocity's Edge Tenbar. Her sire is OL Outplay and her dam is OL Cupids Chokehold. $2000

Platinum Oct 2022_edited.jpg

Platinum is a hefty girl! She has a gorgeous heifer calf at side, sired by Velocity's Edge Tenbar. She is a Dallas Seavey daughter out of Chaparral Mercedes (a big horned, flashy cow). Her calf stays, but she is bred back to Velocity's Edge Tenbar. $3000

Callie Fall 2022_edited.jpg
Presley March 2022_edited.jpg
TB Prestige Worldwide

Wish we could keep this one, but we have another in her class. She has a ton of personality and likes to eat! She could use more halter work, but has a good temperament. She is bred to Velocity's Edge Tenbar $1800

Dam: Chaparral Platinum

Sire: TC3 Bullett Hole 

McKinley _edited.jpg
TB McKinley

One of Tammy's favorites! We already plan to keep two of Rafter J2 Texas Tornado's daughters, so someone has to go. She is super sweet! You can walk right up and put a halter on her. Her sire is TC3 Bullett Hole. She is heavy bred to Velocity's Edge Tenbar. $2500

Rey 101321_edited.jpg

Rey has been a great producer for us. Her last two heifers (TB Raisin Bran and TB Raising Hella) have done well on the show circuit. She is a Sanddollar Samsonsite daughter out of Miss Duckie, a Jet Jockey daughter. She is currently bred to Velocity's Edge Tenbar for an early 2023 calf. $2500


Owned by Megan Bush/Rogue Longhorns, Callie is a Poncho Villa 1/6 daughter out of Discovery Melody CP. She is bred to Velocity's Edge Tenbar. Megan is selling her to raise money for college. She will be attending Oklahoma State University in the Fall of 2023. $1800