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If you would like to see more pictures of any of these animals or come out and look at them in person, please email or message us! Some prices may be negotiable. 

Cupid March 2022_edited.jpg

OL Cupid's Shuffle


An easy going young cow that has been a consistent producer for us. Her last calf is a beautiful blonde heifer that just hit the weaning pens. She is bred back to Velocity's Edge Tenbar.

Sire: OL Outplay

Dam: OL Cupid's Chokehold.


McKinley Sept 2023_edited.jpg

TB McKinley


One of Tammy's favorites! We already plan to keep two of Rafter J2 Texas Tornado's daughters, so someone has to go. She is super sweet! You can walk right up and put a halter on her. We recently weaned her nice black and white bull calf, TB Juneau. She is bred back to Velocity's Edge Tenbar.

Sire: TC3 Bullett Hole.

Dam: Rafter J2 Texas Tornado


Tally Sept 2023_edited.jpg

TB Talladega Nights


Ultra broody, soggy-made female. Bound to be a great producer in any herd. Good pasture temperament. Exposed to Velocity's Edge Tenbar.

Dam: TB Lola the Showgirl

Sire: TC3 Bullett Hole


Juneau Sept 2023 B_edited.png

TB Juneau


This handsome guy is very masculine and big boned. He is such an easy going young bull, much like his momma and her sire. Wish we could keep him. So flashy!

Sire: Velocity's Edge Tenbar

Dam: TB McKinley   

soon. $1200

Stormbreaker Aug 2023_edited.jpg

TB Stormbreaker


This big-framed fella is bound to be a great trophy steer! His size and bone make him one of the biggest in his class and his horn growth is really taking off.

Sire: Velocity's Edge Tenbar

Dam: TB Sunset Storm


Rain Sept 2023_edited.jpg

TB Rainier


Rain is a really pretty, clean-fronted heifer. She is broody, big ribbed and muscular and takes after her momma, one of our best producers! 

Sire: WP Ax'em Jax

Dam: Rafter J2 Texas Tornado


Presley March 2022_edited.jpg

TB Prestige Worldwide


Keeping her sister, so letting this one go. She has a handsome grulla bull (steer prospect) at side. They will be sold separately. Her calf is taking a little toll on her condition, but we are feeding her up to get her where she needs to be for her next calf. She has been exposed to TB Vegas. $1200

Dam: Chaparral Platinum

Sire: TC3 Bullett Hole 

Dilly Aug 2023_edited.jpg

TB Dilly Dilly


Newly out of the weaning pens, she was a super easy one to halter train. She is very sweet and has tons of potential. Working on feeding her up as she is tall like many Edge heifers so we're trying to keep up with her upward growth.

Dam: Lulu Hogg

Sire: Velocity's Edge Tenbar


Houston 2023.JPG

TB Vegas


Big ribbed, ultra masculine bull, bound to produce stout calves. Great temperament, like his sire. Reserve Grand Champion in the youth show at the 2023 World Show and Open Reserve Grand Champion at both  the 2023 Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo and the 2022 State Fair of Texas. He holds many other titles as well.

Sire: TC3 Bullett Hole

Dam: Lulu Hogg


Razor Sept 2023_edited.jpg


TB Razor


Razor is s big-ribbed, big boned, showy bull. He has the potential to be a really great show bull. His siblings, TB Raisin Bran and TB Raising Hella, both did very well on the show circuit. 

Sire: Velocity's Edge Tenbar

Dam: HD Sweet Baby Rey


Maggie Sept 2023_edited.png

RL Black Magic


Maggie is a moderate-sized female that packs a lot of power! She will be a really good brood cow. Extremely feminine with great bone. Come check her out!

Sire: Velocity's Edge Tenbar

Dam: TL Wild Card


Shark Bait Sept 2023_edited.jpg


TB Shark Bait


They don't come much sweeter than Shark Bait. I'd keep him if I had a youth showman. He's got bone and flash for days. It will be hard to resist this face!

Sire: Velocity's Edge Tenbar

Dam: TB Prestige Worldwide


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