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We are pleased to now offer a healthier, lean beef for sale. At only 140 calories3.7 grams of fat and 61.5 grams of cholesterol per 3.5 ounce serving, it is a much better choice than your typical grocery store beef which comes in at 289 calories, 20.7 grams of fat and 90 grams of cholesterol for the same serving size. 

We do not use growth hormones, antibiotics or other artificial or synthetic additives that are common in store bought meats.

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Longhorn beef has less cholesterol and calories than other white meats as well. Chicken breasts are typically considered a healthier meat but a 3.5 ounce portion clocks in at 173 calories, 4.5 grams of fat and 85.7 grams of cholesterol.

Ground Beef - 1 lb. packages - $6 each ($5/lb special price while supplies last.)

Arm, Chuck, Rump and Round Roasts - Various weights - $6/lb.

Beef Cutlets - Various weights - $6/lb.

Skirt & Flank Steaks - Various weights - $6/lb. 

Sirloin & KC Strip steaks - Various weights - $12/lb.

Bone-in Ribeye - Various weights - $15/lb.

Source: Longhorn data. "Nutrient Density of Beef from Texas Longhorn Cattle; Texas A&M; 1997. Other data: USDA, USA Today 11/29/91, Pope Lab, Inc., Dallas, TX. 

To place an order, add items below to your cart. Checkout as usual and we will reach out to you to provide an order total  make arrangements for payment and schedule a delivery or pickup. 

Special Offers

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