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Our Story

In the fall of 2016, our then 6th grade daughter, a life-long horse lover, asked if our school's FFA program had something she could do to further her passion. 

At the kick-off event, we learned that horses weren't part of the program, but there were lots of other animal choices. One of the first families we met had longhorns. In fact they were the only family with longhorns in our school's program and they were very knowledgeable and passionate about it. We talked at length and left that evening with an excitement to learn more. 
A few weeks later we met up with them at a longhorn show to learn more and see all that was involved. We also had the opportunity to meet many other show families and breeders that genuinely welcomed us to the event. We left feeling ready to jump in and asked for advice on how to find our first animal. 
Before long we were headed to pick up a 5-month old steer, we lovingly named Remington Red 6. 
Our first show was a month later and our dynamic duo took first in class and then Junior Champion Steer. 
Things happened so fast and they continue to. We picked up our first heifer, HD Sweet Baby Rey, a few months later and have added many more since then. 

As of early February 2023, we have 34 longhorns, but with calving season in full swing, we anticipate adding another 13 to the herd before the end of the year!
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